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    • Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I place a reservation?

    • By Phone - (212) 741-2991
      By Email – rental@fotocare.com
      In Person – 43 West 22nd street Ground Floor

    • Can I schedule a rental for a future date?

      Reservations are recommended ahead of time.

    • How long in advance do I need to reserve?

      We require at least 2 hours advance notice. On some high volume days we may require more.

    • Do you accept walk in customers?

      Yes, we do. However, we may need some time to prep small orders, and up to a few hours for large orders.

    • Do you offer long term rentals?

      Yes, we do offer extended rentals. Please contact us at (212) 741-2991 to discuss your budget.

    • How do I cancel my pending reservation?

      Please call (212) 741-2990 or email rental@fotocare.com with your cancellation.

    • What forms of payment do you accept?

      American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

    • What kind of security deposit do you require?

      We will need a credit card for deposit and guarantee of payment. In addition, customers with insurance can supply proof of insurance and that will lessen the security deposit. For 2017 if no insurance is supplied, the deposit is 50% of the value of the equipment rented. If insurance is supplied and verifiable, the deposit is 20% of the value.

    • What if the credit card holder cannot be present to pick up equipment?

      If the cardholder cannot pickup in person, they can fill out a credit card authorization form and authorize someone else to pickup.

    • Can I reserve the rental with my credit card, but use a friend's insurance?

      Sorry no, you will need your own insurance.

    • Can I use my own insurance?

      Yes, have your insurance company forward a COI with Fotocare listed as the loss payee and send to rental@fotocare.com for review.

    • If I have insurance, do you hold anything on my card?

      Yes, we will hold the rental fee and/or the deductible amount from your insurance and up to 20% of the equipment value.

    • Do you offer discounts to students?

      Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

    • What do I need to bring with me to pick up my order?

      US valid State issued photo ID

    • Do you deliver equipment?

      Yes, we can arrange an outside messenger service for an additional fee.

    • Do you ship equipment?

      Yes, we ship nationwide. Please call (212) 741-2990 for shipping details and rates.

    • What happens if I damage something during my rental?

      Please call us immediately at (212) 741-2990. When you return the equipment, we will assess the damages and provide you with the repairs estimate as soon as possible.

    • What happens if the gear is stolen or lost?

      Report the incident to the authorities and be sure to get a copy of your police report.

      Notify your insurance company; provide them with necessary documentation to initiate the claim.

      Please call Fotocare immediately at (212) 741-2990.

      If you misplace an item please contact us immediately, we will charge your credit card for the replacement cost of the item or items lost.

    • Does Fotocare offer training on equipment?

      We do offer some training at the counter when picking up your order. Please contact us in advance if you require an in-depth explanation on a piece of equipment.