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Seitz's top camera holds the world record: from 0 ° to 360 ° in 2 seconds at full resolution! Thanks to its robust design, the Round D3 is a highly productive work tool. For maximum recording speed and excellent image quality designed, which forms Seitz D3 digital scan back at the heart of Round D3 and Seitz 6x17 Digital Cameras. Its special TDI sensor was DALSA Corp..developed exclusively for Seitz and allows a data flow of 300 MB per second. Thanks to this very high recording speed, the camera scans 100x faster than traditional RGB line scan cameras. The fastest shutter speed is 1/2000 sec per pixel - the minimum scan time for a 360-degree image at full resolution is only just two seconds!

2000 Seitz D3 digital scan back (7,500 Pixels) 3600 CHF* including Seitz Roundshot D3 capture software, including front glass protection cover

2050 Roundshot D3 panorama camera 7,700 CHF* without Seitz D3 scan back, with lens mount cover, without lens, including one lens mount of choice (2060-2066), including battery NiMh 12V 4.5A and universal charger, including waterproof explorer case with special foam
insert for Roundshot D3

Roundshot D3 Set (2000, 2050) 43,700 CFH* Roundshot D3 including Seitz D3 digital scan back, including one lens mount of choice, including battery Euro and charger (without lens), including waterproof explorer case

Roundshot D3 Lens Mounts
2060 for Hasselblad medium format lenses 950 CFH*
2062 for Mamiya 645 medium format lenses 950 CFH*

*Due to international exchange rates, the prices listed are estimates. Please call for more information and to place an order.

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  • This massive resolution and excellent image quality allows the creation of large reproductions without stitching. With a dynamic range of 11 f-stops the Round D3 comes along very well with large light variations, which often represent a great challenge for 360 ° panoramic photography.

  • Are you ready to change the format? The Seitz D3 digital scan back can be changed between the Round D3 and the Seitz 6x17 Digital Cameras.Our Seitz 6x17 Digital produces fascinating 160 million pixel images, ideal for high-resolution landscapes, group shots or architecture. In contrast to the 360 ° format - which is causing curved lines and is best visualized in a Viewer software - this format is flat and without any distortion.

  • From inside to outside, outside to the inside or completely around! The Round D3 can be used in a variety of different modes, depending on the task and the desired end product.

  • From inside to outside: take a panorama of up to 360 ° (or more) is very simple. In Panorama mode , the Round D3 camera head rotates around its own axis and scans a high-resolution panorama. No joining of the images is needed - a complete panorama in just a few seconds. The scene can be taken flexibly with different lenses and focal lengths - from fisheye to very long telephoto lenses. Also, it is possible / digital scan back to + - 25mm to shift your order so more capture from the lower or upper part of a scene.

  • From outside to inside: Do you want like to scan the surface of a cylindrical object in a high resolution? No problem with round D3 inturntable mode . Here, the camera head remains stationary while the camera motor to rotate 360 °. Equipped with macro lenses of different lengths, the Round D3 precisely the surface of cylindrical objects to scan, for example, a bottle, a rifle cartridge or even a car tire. Since the camera creates a seamless scan without stitching, the results are more precise, ideal for documenting museum or art objects or for forensic projects.

  • Round: Even spherical 180x360 ° panorama are possible with the Round D3. We have the QTVR mode created. For this purpose, a 16mm Nikkor fisheye or a 24mm Mamiya 645 is attached fisheye on the camera. Then, the camera is calibrated with the lens so as to fix the spacer on the Nodalschiene, the vertical shift position, and the focus of the lens. A calibration file is added to the recording software. So the round shot D3 produced impressive 180x360 ° spheres.

  • A variety of world-class Schneider or Rodenstock Linos lenses can be used with the Round D3 camera. These lenses are mounted on Alpa Lens tubes and can be attached directly to the camera with a snap closure. It is also possible to use 645 medium format lenses or small format Nikkor lenses with a wide range of Hasselblad or Mamiya. These lenses are mounted on the camera with lens mount. Thanks to a large selection of lenses - from fisheye for 180x360 ° to the long telephoto lens - virtually any image format possible.

  • Scanning - Save - done. The camera is connected to the recording computer for camera control, image display and storage. We recommend the use of a Motion J3500 tablet PC for fast image transfer and image storage. Its bright LED screen is perfect for viewing the images even in daylight. An arbitrary 64-bit Mac or Windows computer can be connected to the camera. The distance from camera use? No problem - just use a very long Ethernet cable or a second computer with wireless connection to the remote control.

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