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The Elinchrom Rotalux Speed Ring allows you to use soft boxes with your Prophoto lights. It also allows a user to leave the rods in the soft box all the time. This speed ring will allow Rotalux soft boxes to be mounted onto Prophoto strobe units. ELINCHROM TO PROFOTO ADAPTER PROFOTO ACUTE DISC REFLECTOR
PROFOTO BARNDOORS FOR ZOOM REFLECTOR Profoto D1 250/250 Air Studio Kit Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector
Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector
Our Price: $149.00

BarnDoors for Zoom Reflector

The Profoto D1 250/250 Air Studio Kit is fully digital, not just on the display panel, but in the flash output control circuitry as well. This to ensure a consistency in flash-to-flash color temperature and flash energy. The dual mode SMPS capacitor charging technology ensures the flash-to-flash precision which is essential for today's photographer. The 7 f-stop power range gives all the power the demanding photographer needs for creative freedom, to shoot with high speed and full open lens.

  • 2 - D1 Air 250 Ws units (Product Number 901022)
  • 2 - D1 Umbrellas (Product Number 100787)
  • 2 - D1 Light Stands (Product Number 101085)
  • 1 - D1 Studio kit Case (Product Number 330212)
  • 1 - Profoto Air Remote (Product Number 901031)
Compatible with B1X and B1 OCF heads and the D1 and D2 flash heads, the OCF Zoom Reflector from Profoto allows you adjust the beam angle of these lights from 55 to 85 degrees by moving the reflector back and forth along the body of the light. The highly reflective modifier actually boosts the output 1.2 stops. while at just 6" in diameter, it's small enough to fit into the BackPack M, Bag XS, or Bag S Plus while mounted on a head.

Profoto RFi Speedlight Speedring - Attaches Up to 2 Speedlights to RFi Softbox