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Hasselblad H Series – The Ultimate in Digital Video

Foto Care is proud to offer an elite lineup of medium format digital cameras from Hasselblad and Mamiya. With resolutions of 40, 50, 60, and higher megapixels; shutter speeds of >1/800 of a second, insane frame rates and the highest quality in optics and construction, our Hasselblad camera selection is designed for the true professional.

Mamiya DF Series – Extreme Performance for Professional Productions

Joining our Medium Format Camera lineup is the Mamiya DF series, one of the leading names in professional video equipment. The Mamiya DF+ Leaf series is one of the fastest, clearest medium format cameras commercially available, with options of up to 80 megapixels. We also offer the Mamiya DM series, a more affordable option. No matter what brand you choose, rest assured that Foto Care is here for you before and after your purchase with expert advice, guidance and repair services.

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Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format Camera Body Fujifilm GFX 50S Vertical Battery Grip VG-GFX1 H Lens HC 100MM F/2.2 (EnhEU)
H Lens HC 100MM F/2.2 (EnhEU)
Our Price: $4,470.00

The FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium format mirrorless digital camera adopts a 43.832.9mm medium format (FUJIFILM G Format) sensor with 51.4 MP. Featuring premium design and excellent operability stemming from the highly reputable digital camera X Series system and the accumulation of image design technology from over 80 years of experience, the GFX 50S achieves the highest ever image quality from Fujifilm.

Released with the APS-C sensor in 2011, the X Series has earned high praise from professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike, due to its excellent image quality and mobility across a wide range of genres including landscapes, snaps, portraits, and sports photos. On the other hand, there were also many photographers craving for the release of a camera equipped with a large-size sensor with an even higher number of effective pixels, which could be used mainly in the fields of commercial and studio portrait photography, while at the same time keeping the excellent color reproduction of the X Series intact. In response to those voices, Fujifilm developed the FUJIFILM GFX 50S and the FUJINON GF Lenses series as a system for photographers that require even higher image quality than can be covered by the current X Series lineup.

This high-performance battery grip is created to unify operations, placing the release button, dials, and function buttons in a similar area to be used when shooting in the ultra-wide position. The battery grip can be loaded with one NP-T125 dedicated battery, lowering the frequency in which batteries need to be replaced during long shoots.

Also, by connecting the separately sold AC-15V accessory, it is possible to charge the battery within the grip in approx. 2 hours.

The 100 mm is a fast lens particularly suited to low-light situations or for action shots where higher shutter speeds are required. The slightly longer than standard length coupled with its shorter depth-of-field makes it an interesting choice for portraits too in many instances.
H Lens HC 120MM F/4.0 Macro (EnhEU) H LENS HC 150N MM F/3.2 (EnhEU) H LENS HC 210MM F/4.0 (EnhEU)
H LENS HC 210MM F/4.0 (EnhEU)
Our Price: $4,850.00
The Macro 120mm-II has exceptionally high performance making it a very versatile lens not only for close-up work but general applications too where a slightly long lens is required.

Image quality and light distribution, even in the close focusing range as well as at maximum aperture are extremely good. Focusing, manual or autofocus, is from infinity to 1:1 scale without the need for extension tubes. Autofocus range can also be limited to near range, far range or full range by a setting on the camera.
An ideal portrait lens, providing the ideal perspective for head and shoulder portraits. Also very suitable for landscape photography.

The HC 3.2/150’s focal length offers a moderate, but clearly visible, telephoto effect and the shallow depth-of-field can be used to set distracting backgrounds out of focus. Features internal focus mechanism, fast AF, and is ideal for lower light conditions.l
A universal telephoto lens with outstanding performance. The longer focal length is excellent for tightly framed shots, enabling a shallow depth-of-field to be used to make the main subject stand out noticeably.

The HC 4/210 is a superior telephoto lens and features our advanced internal focus mechanism, making this lens and ideal choice for hand-held location work in portrait, fashion, nature, and commercial photography.
H Lens HC 300mm F/4.5 (EnhEU) H Lens HC 35-90 MM Zoom :: F/3.5-4.5 (EnhEU) H Lens HC 35mm F/3.5
H Lens HC 300mm F/4.5 (EnhEU)
Our Price: $5,980.00
H Lens HC 35mm F/3.5
Our Price: $5,160.00
The 300mm lens is the longest lens in the present HC lens range. It has a fast autofocus reaction making it suitable for certain sports and wildlife applications.

The high quality even at wide apertures makes it also suitable for fashion photographers needing to blur out disturbing backgrounds. This high performance lens also features an integral rotatable tripod mount for rapid horizontal and vertical composition change.
The result of our constant striving for ultimate performance, the new
HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90 zoom lens combines our advanced optical design models and the H-system’s unique digital lens correction with a new aspheric lens element design to create what we think is the highest performing zoom lens on the market today.

The HCD 4.0-5.6/35-90 zoom lens was specifically designed to get the most out of today’s large sensors and boasts exceptionally high image quality at all focal length settings.

The lenses in our HC/HCD line equal or outperform even our traditional Hasselblad/Zeiss lenses, even the iconic CF 3.5/100 and CF 5.6/250 SA, considered by most experts to be the finest lenses ever made for professional photographers.
Please note, however, that this special lens is designed specifically for the H3D and H4D camera models and is for digital use only.
A retro focus lens with 89° diagonal angle of view. This lens offers outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness, low dispersion glass, even illumination, and features an advanced optical design with rear focus mechanism to ensure high performance even at the close focusing range.
H Lens HC 50-110MM Zoom :: F/3.5-4.5 (EnhEU) H Lens HC 50MM-II F/3.5 (EnhEU) H Lens HC 80MM F/2.8 (EnhEU)
H Lens HC 80MM F/2.8 (EnhEU)
Our Price: $3,110.00
The HC zoom lens has a zoom range from wide-angle to short telephoto. This lens boasts exceptionally high image quality at all focal length settings, whether shooting film or digital, and is comparable with corresponding fixed focal length lenses. An all-round, wide-angle lens. A versatile all-purpose lens, incorporating a moderate wide-angle effect, and featuring advanced optical design with rear focus mechanism. Corner-to-corner illumination is very even at all aperture settings, and distortion and stray light are extremely well controlled. The 2.8/80 is the standard lens for the H system. The high-performance design ensures great color correction, a flat image plane, and low distortion. The large aperture facilitates photography in poor light and provides a bright viewfinder image. A lens suited for almost any task in general photography.
H5X Camera Body Only H5X Camera with HV90X-II H5X Camera with HVD-90X
H5X Camera Body Only
Our Price: $6,200.00
H5X Camera with HV90X-II
Our Price: $7,800.00
H5X Camera with HVD-90X
Our Price: $7,800.00
H-3013702 H-3013704
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