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Welcome Students!

We want this to be the start of a long and extraordinarily rewarding experience. First, we want you to know how much we care. About the art of photography. The craft of photography. The commerce of photography. About stills. And video. About experimentation and inspiration. We care about color management, asset management...sanity management. We care long after your first (and second and third) purchase. Long after warranties expire.

But above and beyond all that, we care about you, the photographer. (As customer, as friend, as kindred spirit.) We care that you share our all-consuming passion. We care about problem-solving for you. Teaching you. And celebrating your accomplishments. We care about maintaining your enthusiasm and excitement throughout your lifelong adventure with photography. Since 1968, we have cared about this more than anything. And not a day goes by where we don’t strive to overdeliver on it.


Simply visit Foto Care to enroll in our Student Rewards program. You must be a fulltime student in an accredited academic institution (high school or college level) and have your valid student I.D. with you. It’ll only take a few seconds to join but we expect the benefits will help begin a lifetime of success. Or, send us an email at info@fotocare.com from your school email address with your name and mailing address OR email us from your personal email address with a copy of your student I.D., name and mailing address and we will mail you your Student Rewards Card!


Visit us often to see our incredible range of state of the art equipment and gear that you can try and then buy, rent or lease depending on your specific need.


At Foto Care, we are totally committed to helping photographers at every level learn and grow. There are always new innovations waiting to be demonstrated, new techniques waiting to be shared, new work that begs for the answer to “how did they do that?” Seminars and workshops are held every week at our Learning Center and then posted to our Online Learning Center as an ongoing resource to our customers.


Renting gear and accessories from Foto Care lets you shoot with exactly the gear you need, right when you need it. Our inventory is second to none as is our service and problem-solving prowess. So whether you're prepping for your next shoot, looking to try before you buy or needing some special gear for a special occasion, Foto Care Rentals has what you're looking for.


At the core of every photograph is the desire to share a vision. At the core of Foto Care's vision is the desire to share with the photographic community. In this section of our site, we enable you to share your favorites with us and for us to share our favorites with you. We even give you the chance to put your best up against the rest through our online Photo Contest page. There is also an Assistants Board for those occasions when you can't go it alone.


Once you have your student rewards card, download these student rewards benefits so you know what great deals are available to you!