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Canon Wide Angle Camera Lenses & More!

Clarity and focus are the keys in taking the perfect photograph, and no professional digital camera reaches its full potential for taking stunning pictures with the proper lenses. Foto Care is proud to offer the highest quality lenses for professional digital cameras including Fujifilm lenses, Hasselblad lenses, and Canon wide angle lenses. Our selection of professional quality camera lenses ranges from fisheye lenses, to long-range telephoto lenses capable of crystal clear quality even at long distances.

Filters for Lenses

In addition to our selection of lenses, we offer a variety of filters that are compatible with most major camera brands and lens types. These filters come in a variety of colors and styles, including polarized filters, UV filters, Haze filters and various colors so you can capture the perfect shot every time. Foto Care is here for you every step of the way – contact us for help with finding the right product for your camera or for help with products you’ve already purchased with us!

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B+W 39MM .9 ND-8X (103) B+W 39MM UV HAZE 010 B+W 39MM UV/R CUT MRC (486M)
B+W 39MM .9 ND-8X (103)
Our Price: $60.48
B+W 39MM UV HAZE 010
Our Price: $28.99
B+W 40.5E UVA HAZE (010) B+W 40.5MM ND 0.3 B+W 46E ND 0.9-8X (103)
B+W 40.5E UVA HAZE (010)
Our Price: $28.99
B+W 40.5MM ND 0.3
Our Price: $35.28
B+W 46E ND 0.9-8X (103)
Our Price: $60.48
B+W 46MM UV HAZE 010 (2C) B+W 49MM LIGHT RED 090 (25) B+W 52MM 81A
B+W 46MM UV HAZE 010 (2C)
Our Price: $30.49
B+W 52MM 81A
Our Price: $43.95
B+W 52MM KR-1.5 (1A) SKY B+W 55MM 81B B+W 55MM LIGHT RED (090)
B+W 52MM KR-1.5 (1A) SKY
Our Price: $43.95
B+W 55MM 81B
Our Price: $43.95
B+W 55MM LIGHT RED (090)
Our Price: $51.84
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